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The most popular version of Malaysian Three Player Mahjong online today. Can you defeat rival challengers, unlock the 9 Dragon Gates, and become the true King Of Mahjong?



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  • Fast & Intense

    Finish each game in just two minutes! Will you win big or go bankrupt?

  • No Win Limit

    Unlimited Fans! Your skill and imagination is the only limit!

  • Raise the Stakes

    Grow the Bomb Multiplier when you Kong or Bite: the bigger the Bomb, the higher the payout!


  • Top 10 in Free, Casino Category

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    Malaysia, Singapore


mahjong guides

how to play

Eager to leran 3P Mahjong but no idea where to start? Start here with this compherensive and easy to understand guide specially made for Mahjong newbies

how to play


How to play Mahjong

How to Hu

How to count Fans (Part 1)

How to count Fans (Part 2)

How to play Bloodbath mode

how to play



Basic Gameplay

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Counting Fans

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Bloodbath Mode

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